International Spelling Bee

MaRRS International Spelling Bee is an invaluable tool for language improvement. It is being conducted in various schools spanning India and the UAE for the past almost one decade.

The spelling bee competition is aimed at improving the child’s understanding of English along with strengthening their foundation especially in English grammar and phonetics; language having been proven as the best brain exercise especially in the formative years. Children who have been participating in this event have shown substantial improvement in their knowledge of English and the nuances of the same as is evident from their parents’ feedback.

Children are grouped into six categories depending upon their age group. The children undergo the competition through five stages in India namely: school level->Interschool Level-> State Level-> National Level-> International Level.  At each level, a set of selected students qualify to the next level. The rounds of the competition are as follows: 

Written Round: Dictation, Identify the correct spellings, Word Application, Complete the Sentences, Picture Crosswords, Phrasal verbs, and complete the idioms.

Oral Round: Spellings, Pronunciation, Synonyms and Antonyms...

Play 2 Learn


The ‘Play 2 Learn’ contest is the first competition of its kind for pre- school children. The competition is activity oriented and is ideal for the improvement of hand eye coordination, mental development and for building their social skills. Creativity and spontaneity is encouraged at all levels of the competitions.

The competition is conducted in 3 different categories: Playschool, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten.

 Activities include : Colouring, Joining the Dots, Paper Folding, Floor Carpet etc.

Word Chase

MaRRS Word Chase

The aim of MaRRS Word Chase Competition is to test the pupils’ mastery of English as a core subject.  The competition is conducted in 2 stages.

The preliminary written round is held in all the participating schools.

Written Round: Homophones, Synonyms. Word Origin, Punctuation, Letter Drop

The final level (National) comprises of 5 oral rounds.

Oral Round: Word Build, Question Tags, Find the Odd Man out, Fill in the Blanks, Correct the Given Sentences.

The students are categorized on the basis of the classes. Top 5 from each category from each participating school will qualify for the National Round.

Maze Of Words

English language competitions are generally found to serve a very useful and progressive educational purpose. Students while participating in these competitions naturally develop important language skills like spelling, familiarity with a larger vocabulary, pronunciation etc. Participants in the “Maze of Words” competition would require swiftness of thought, a well developed vocabulary and general language skills including comprehension and spelling to succeed in the competition.

The Championship is conducted in 6 different categories based on class.

Each competition comprises of 2 rounds:


Written Round: Words in a Word, Jumbled Letters and Words, Bull’s Eye, Word Matrix and Russian Doll.


Oral Round: Indentify the Parts of Speech, Listening Comprehension, Mix and Match, Word Morph, Pick and Spell.

Pre School Bee
Xpress Math

Xpress Math is designed to test the latent mathematical talent of the student to help in assessing their skills beyond the scope of normative grading. The competition offers an opportunity for the students to multiply their knowledge of mathematics in various aspects therby stimulating their interest in the subject and encouraging them to excel in a field in which greater discoveries are yet to happen.

Student Empowerment Program
National Math League

The National Math League is a 'fun and learning’ math competition conducted for students at National level from Grade II to VI, helping them reach the pinnacle of excellence in mathematics. The programme aims at discovering and challenging the mathematical talent of students. The important aspects of Math in day-to-day life are highlighted and children get an exposure to application oriented problems or questions. The competition encourages children to improve their analytical, problem-solving skills and gives them an opportunity to excel in the subject. The competition conducted across the country evaluates the knowledge of math principles and the comprehensive ability of all participating students. The main objective of the programme is to motivate the development of mathematical talent in children and to boost their confidence in mathematics through interesting applications and exercises; inspire them to participate in various other competitive exams.

Pre School Bee -Science

Pre School Bee - Science

MaRRS International Math Bee
MIMB is a wide-ranging math competition for school students organised by MaRRS with the objective of instilling an interest for mathematics among the youth. The comprehensive syllabus of the competition includes problem solving, data analysis and general and applied mathematics with an added emphasis on the theoretical and conceptual cognisance of the subject.
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